Friday, October 7, 2016

Session 01c :: And Now, the Weather pt.3 in Damnation, a Red Markets Campaign

Well, "And Now, the Weather" turned into a three session job. I did a few things differently with the audio; I hope it is more listenable.

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Music by Guili Guili Goulag


  1. your SEAL player really needs to settle his hash. You can't just justify being a SEAL as being an automatic success in everything. If you didn't throw down the points, you aren't getting everything ya want. I think part of the problem is already establishing his char as he did. There's little room for growth from there, but he really sounds like he's just not into the system, because he doesn't care about the human side of things at all. The GM handled it well though.

  2. Hi, Zero! I was The Market for this campaign (I should probably create a profile to reply to any comments, rare though they are!). Josh, the player you speak of, liked the game mechanics pretty well. Interestingly, he is a perpetually-broke college student, and very familiar with personal poverty. The game's native subject matter just wasn't FUN for him in a time when it contains many things he actually has to deal with and cause him stress. Sans zombies, of course. Which is something I understand. And thanks for the compliment, I try to roll with the players' punches!