Sunday, February 22, 2015

Session 02 : the Greylord Magiya, an Iron Kingdoms RPG Campaign

The second session of our Iron Kingdoms campaign: the Greylord Magiya return more-or-less triumphant while Tox and Edgar head South on the trail of some bandits. Then, they're asked to attend the opening of the cube. What could go wrong?
Music by Kosta T
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Session 01 : The Greylord Magiya, an Iron Kingdoms RPG Campaign

Our first short session of the Iron Kingdoms RPG, in which the Greylord Magiya is returning an occult cube to their Kommander when they run across some trouble.

Music by Kosta T

I'm Back!

Hey gang, sorry I've been absent. Life has been crazy, blah blah blah.

What I'm here to tell you is that I'm back, now with actual plays! Woohoo!

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