Thursday, August 29, 2013

Why I Like It

I don't have a lot of time, but I saw this bookmark and was thrown back to high school where I was a Sailor Moon snob.

And I'm talking VHS fansubs of Sailor Moon, not the overly censored BS they churned out for us American's benefit. (apparently, I'm still a snob).

The reason is because it was GOOD at dicking around with your emotions. SPOILERS (not that any of you care) : The last season (Sailor Stars, for those of you curious and uninitiated) STARTS OUT with one of the main characters DYING IN A PLANE CRASH on the way to studying in America AND SOMEHOW NOBODY TELLS HIS GIRLFRIEND. She doesn't find out till like the end of the season...WHEN EVERYBODY DIES ANYWAY.
Those three chicks in black? They're actually dudes. Well, they're actually chicks who disguise themselves as male pop's confusing.

So yes, I bought that bookmark, and I will use it to mark my place in rulebooks I'm reading to remind me that toying with the emotions of your characters is what makes for good gaming. Even if they kind of hate you for it.

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