Monday, August 26, 2013

Need to Mark Something?

Here's a quick post for you guys:

I like to mix up my hobbies. By now, you know I train horses but you probably don't know I knit. One of my favorite gaming aids has come from this hobby: a box full of stitch markers. These handy babies are great for plopping on a mini to keep track of any status effects you may need, along with special loot you may be carrying, determining who is carrying a high-profile object, etc. etc.

Here we're using them as loot trackers for a board game idea we had.
So, there's that link up there for an example, but there's a ton of different styles. Search 'stitch markers' and you'll find them. I'm thinking of getting some of the swank triangle ones. There's also hearts, which I think could be fun for marking who's bloodied. At any rate, you can buy from Amazon, go to a craft store that sells knitting stuff (we have Michael's and Hobby Lobby around these parts) OR support local businesses and search out an actual yarn shop near you!

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