Monday, February 25, 2013

Serious Post. Seriously.

I'm not running a game right now. After finishing up the last game of my nWoD (new World of Darkness for the uninitiated) adventure, a feeling of relief washed over me and I basked in the praise my players bestowed upon me for entertaining them satisfactorily. I was now off the hook for a few months while somebody else took over GM duties in a different system. That's how we roll, ever since our D&D 4e Dark Sun campaign came crashing to a TPK-style halt in our boss fight just before Epic Tier. I hadn't even managed to land a hit with my Halfling Monk's Draconic Avatar power yet. We all went home in a foul mood that night, but as the smoke cleared we agreed that such an uninterrupted span of time was rough on a GM and we had the means to make it work out better.

 From the end of the following Sci-Fi Steampunk GURPS campaign on, we decided to switch out GMs and systems as often as we pleased. My nWoD game only lasted three sessions as it was set up to be a prelude style game wherein everyone was set up to get their super-awesomeness. It took a couple months to get through those three games, what with holidays and all but the end of that game tasted sweet. It was now time to look forward to not only a continuation of the Big Reveal (what I have dubbed my nWoD campaign,) but other ideas and projects. I'm very interested in starting the Pathfinder Adventure Path Kingmaker campaign and also forming a beginner's D&D campaign to get new folks interested in the hobby (should I run 4e and open with some classic Keep on the Shadowfell, or just dive right into some D&D Next?) but the big idea is the Malibu Dream Dungeon.

 Some context is in order, I understand. About a year ago, I was running a Girls Only Pathfinder campaign of my own design (we eventually allowed a boy in, but only because he was SPYING ON THE PARTY) and we often joked about super-girly stereotypes; when you forgot your dice, there were the pink Dice of Shame to borrow, Awesome Tokens were sparkly pink (more on those another time,) and somehow or other we stumbled across the joke that the dungeons we'd be delving would be pink, as well. A Malibu Dream Dungeon. Well, that was it: the Malibu Dream Dungeon must be made. I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to actually get around to it, but I'm in the middle of test painting and construction from my Hirst Arts blocks.

Deciding on what style to use...

Here's the final decision:

Test painting, woo!

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  1. Hi Susan, I crawled my way here after hearing you on Esoteric Order, Crit This! and Unabashed Gaming. The storh of Malibu Dream Dungeon keeps popping into my head. Did you ever finish that project?