Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Frivolous Gaming at GenCon 2017

Hi folks! I'll have another Greylord Magiya session posted this weekend but in the meantime, who is excited about GenCon?! If you can track me down (or are attending one of my games) I'll have a special treat for you. Speaking of games, I'm running two sessions of my IKRPG adventure Just an Urban Legend. I'm excited to share IKRPG with other gamers and hope I can convert some of them. In general, though, I'm keeping my schedule very light due to my current mobility issues. I had some serious knee surgery at the end of June and have only been able to start bearing weight on it about two weeks ago. My exhibit hall prowling and aimless wandering will have to be kept to a minimum and I may end up just lying around quite a bit. Outside of my games I'm running, I have a few seminars I'll tentatively attend and one game with my pals from Crit This! and the Esoteric Order of Roleplayers. Will I continue my streak of finding a Slenderman cosplay? We can only hope.

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