Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wow, guys. I knew I was behind on posting Greylord Magiya sessions. I did not realize I was ten months behind. Please accept my apologies. We're still playing. We've been recording. I will get you all caught up. Seriously. I'm sorry. I'm going to make it up to you with twice-weekly updates (Monday and Friday, I think) at least until we get caught up. Friday will be our Wednesday One-Shot game, which is currently Damnation, our Red Markets game (and not actually a one-shot, but a short campaign). If we miss any sessions of Damnation, we'll mix in some Greylord Magiya. Monday will be Greylord Magiya. I know what you're thinking: but Susan, how will you ever get caught up with a schedule like that?! Well, dear listeners, we only play Greylord Magiya every other week. We have also missed a few of our regular scheduled sessions. So you do the math; we'll get caught up eventually.


  1. Oh hey, this is still actually going? That's great! All is forgiven.

    1. Yeah! We're currently on session 30-something play-wise, so I've got quite a backlog to catch up on.