Sunday, August 9, 2015

Session 06 :: the Greylord Magiya, an Iron Kingdoms Campaign

We close out our first season with the continued exploration of the ruins surrounding Corbhen. The party finds an unexpected surprise in a corner and meets up with an old friend.

Music by Kosta T
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  1. Almost done with my listen-through of the magiya. First time I've felt overwhelmingly obliged to comment. What is up with those slam rules you guys were talking about? Been poring through the Core book looking for anything that says you get an extra d6 of damage per inch slammed, not seeing it.

    But yeah, if those exist, totally bringing in slamming warjacks to all my future IKRPG games.

    1. I'll have to listen again but my guess is one of two things happened, either: a.) slamming and falling damage got confused into one crazy thing or b.) something just got bullshitted to make the game keep going. I suppose some sort of power is also a possibility? Will let you know more.

    2. Ok I just listened to it...I'm going to have to figure out what rules we were looking at. We sure made it sound legit...